Customer Success Story: Monnie

Mar 5, 2019

I found EasyKnock on the internet and really it came at the perfect time. I love my home and with my husband passing away I wanted to ensure I stayed connected to the property we shared together. We've had several changes over the last year and to be honest I couldn't imagine having to uproot myself and my children in a move.

When I applied for Sell and Stay I was worried I wouldn't qualify due to a lower credit score that was preventing me from refinancing or taking a line of credit against my phone. I work in medicine and I think there's a stigma around low credit. But the truth is that everyone suffers from financial difficulties in their life. Since closing the Sell and Stay deal and becoming a tenant in my home I am saving over $500 a month and my credit score has already increased. I'm able to sleep at night, focus on on my work and live my life without the constant worry I once had surrounding my finances.