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Five Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Under $500

Five Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Under $500

Small decorating projects can give your home a quick makeover without breaking the bank --  or your back! Check out our list of five easy ways to update your home for under $500.

January 16, 2019
June 8, 2017

Death of a Real Estate Salesman

Ever wonder what a realtor does to deserve a disproportionately expensive 4%–6% commission on the sale of your home? They claim to offer unlimited exposure and transaction expertise and to act as an irreplaceable mediator in the negotiation process. In reality, what they provide is little more than a concierge tour service to show your home, and is that really worth $20,000 on the sale of a $400,000 home?

In Death of the Real Estate Salesman, Jarred Kessler describes how advances in technology have rendered the traditional role of the real estate agent meaningless. He describes how emerging Internet-based tools will enable homeowners and prospective buyers to find each other with zero commitment, zero uncertainty, and zero realtor involvement.

Buyers will be able to find their dream home more readily with less distrust in the process, and sellers will reap the financial rewards of not losing tens of thousands of dollars to a realtor with a competing agenda. By learning his process, you will open your eyes to the new world of real estate, which is just around the corner in a desirable neighborhood near you.

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