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How to Get a Personal Loan with No Proof of Income

How to Get a Personal Loan with No Proof of Income

You need a loan because you need money. You apply for the loan and the bank says that they can't approve you because you can't show that you're earning money.

September 20, 2019
September 26, 2018

How EasyKnock Helped Me As A Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, I knew I might find myself eventually needing to lean on my personal assets to keep my business running smoothly. I was aware of strict lending regulations, but I was wholly unaware that being a non-W2 earner would make me ineligible for financing.

As a last resort, I was considering selling my vintage car collection to access the cash i needed. Luckily, I learned of EasyKnock. They helped me when no one else would. I didn't feel judged or deemed incapable of paying back a term of refinancing.  

Today I am happy to say that I not only am I happy in my decision to work with EasyKnock, but each and everyday I am continuously benefitting from EasyKnock’s Sell & Stay program. My business is thriving, my employees are paid on time, my car collection remains untouched in my garage, and best of all I've been able to stay in my home. - Cris




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