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EasyKnock’s Sell & Stay program allows you to tap into your home equity in a new way, selling your home and leasing it back so that you have access to your equity without moving. EasyKnock also allows you the flexibility to renew your lease, buy back your home, or sell it for good at any point. The equity tapping potential combined with flexibility may make Sell & Stay an ideal pathway to financial freedom.

Financial Freedom is a Common, if Lofty Goal

Lots of people are searching for financial freedom. There are countless programs, products, and books on the market that are intended to help people achieve just that, but the current trend shows that personal debt levels in the US are rising, not falling, despite that financial freedom is important to so many Americans.

Simply put, people want out of debt. It’s stressful and it costs too much. However, it’s a difficult goal to achieve.

On the whole, rising prices and stagnant wages mean that the average American isn’t saving enough for a minor emergency, let alone retirement. With incomes that fall short of expenses so consistently, you can imagine that it’s difficult for the average American to even contemplate that they could ever achieve their goal without making a drastic change to their lifestyle.

Tapping Home Equity Doesn’t Have to be Borne of Desperation

People oftentimes look at equity tapping products as something that is intended to save the consumer from financial ruin. A proactive approach to finances is often overlooked when it comes to tapping home equity, but it doesn’t need to be a move only made in desperation. You can tap your home equity to help you get out of debt.

There are a few ways tapping your home equity with Sell & Stay could potentially help you achieve financial freedom.

  • Pay off personal debt, particularly high interest credit card debt
  • Eliminate mortgage debt
  • Use equity to finance a business, allowing you to earn on your terms

You can get out from under the debts that are weighing you down beforeyou’re in dire straits financially, and you can also use the equity you extract with Sell & Stay to find a way to make money that isn’t so difficult to bear.

Sell & Stay Lets you Eliminate Debt Without the Hassle of Moving

If you wanted to use your equity to pay off debt and be out from under your mortgage, it would have once meant moving. Sell & Stay allows you to tap that equity and relinquish much of the responsibility that you have as a homeowner without actually leaving your home and without the tedious process of listing your home on the real estate market. It can eliminate a lot of stress that comes with selling.

When freedom is your objective, you may find that, down the road a few months or a few years, you want to live some where else. Not a problem with Sell & Stay! You can give EasyKnock the go ahead to sell your home and collect the rest of your equity at any point.

If you’re interested in Sell & Stay as a means to financial freedom, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our Sell & Stay experts can help you determine if it’s a viable option for you!

Tom Burchnell
Product Marketing Director

Tom Burchnell, Director of Digital Product Marketing for EasyKnock, holds an MBA & BBA in Marketing from University of Georgia and has 6 years of experience in real estate and finance. In his previous work, he spent time working with one of the largest direct lenders in the SouthEast. 

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