Reach Your Financial Goals: An EasyKnock Customer Journey

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In late 2019, Brooke was facing mounting medical bills from a pre-existing condition, an inability to make her monthly mortgage payments, a family to support, and endless stress from her worsening circumstances. She knew she had a large amount of equity sitting in her home that was untouched and could become her lifeline for getting back on track toward financial stability.

After facing rejection after rejection for home equity loans, refinancing, and other temporary solutions due to a lack of income, Brooke finally discovered EasyKnock through Facebook. “They didn’t judge me or my situation. They just wanted to help,” she said. 

Brooke planned to convert her equity to cash to pay off her medical bills and have the money to support her two children but wanted to eventually buy her house back when things improved. While renting her house with EasyKnock, Brooke was able to get back on top of her finances, paid off her medical bills, and was able to stay in her home with her children. 

A Change of Plans

When Brooke’s health took an unexpected turn for the worse, she realized her plans to repurchase her house would have to change. EasyKnock worked with Brooke to provide an alternative solution that would ensure her and her family’s safety and security. “When I lost my job due to my health condition, EasyKnock made it easy to change my focus and switch over to a solution that would allow me to stay in my house but eventually sell it on the open market,” Brooke explained. “I was afraid I would be stuck repurchasing a house I could no longer afford. Luckily, EasyKnock worked with me to find a better option for my family.” Brooke was able to turn to EasyKnock, who helped her list the house on the open market. Once it sold, Brooke received the appreciation on her house and was able to downsize into a home that better suited her and her family’s needs.

Convert your Home Equity to Cash

A Financial Solution, An Emotional Support

“I’m incredibly grateful to EasyKnock,” says Brooke. “Their flexible and understanding approach with their customers was refreshing and reassuring during a vulnerable time for me and my family.” EasyKnock is proud to have been able to help Brooke and her children maintain their sense of security, while they worked back toward financial stability.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by growing debts or are facing difficult and expensive medical bills, EasyKnock is here to help you get back on your feet and reach your financial goals.

Amanda Hoey
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