EasyKnock announces today that RibbonCash – Ribbon’s pioneering cash offer solution – has launched in select Florida markets, bringing competitive advantage to buyers and certainty to sellers.

By partnering with real estate agents and loan officers, RibbonCash enables buyers to upgrade their offers and provides certainty to home sellers during the transaction process, ultimately empowering the real estate ecosystem at large.

“As Florida is now the second most valuable housing market in the U.S., we are thrilled to launch RibbonCash in the state and provide innovative solutions for homebuyers and sellers to meet the needs of the market,” said Jarred Kessler, CEO of EasyKnock. “We see ample opportunity to empower families in Florida with the financial flexibility and control to prosper and achieve their goals.”

According to Bankrate’s Housing Heat Index, Florida remains atop the list of the country’s strongest seller markets. According to the index, despite price declines elsewhere in the United States, the Southeast region has held steady due to comparatively affordable prices. By bringing RibbonCash to Florida, EasyKnock aims to help make an affordable home achievable for everyday homebuyers.

Earlier in 2023, EasyKnock acquired the assets of Ribbon to kickstart EasyKnock’s marketplace, bringing together a complementary suite of products and services that offer consumers alternative ways to buy and sell, finance new homes, and utilize their equity in one unified experience.