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Who is Sell and Stay for?

Sell and Stay is designed for people who own single-family homes. They're looking to tap into their equity but aren't necessarily ready to move out of their space.

Why wouldn’t I just use traditional refinancing methods or loans, such as a home equity line of credit?

Depending on your credit history or type of employment, re-fi and loan interest rates can really add up. If you don't qualify for the traditional credit line or loan, or you're looking to access your cash a bit faster, Sell and Stay might be just right for you. Our customers don't always fit the cookie-cutter shape that banks are looking for, so we offer them useful solutions for using the equity they've already built to get the money they need.

The Sale Process

How long does it take to close?

We can close a deal in as little as 21 days. We move fast so you can get your cash in your hands when you need it.

What documents are used in a Sell and Stay transaction?

Since there are two parts to the program, there are two documents that govern our agreement. “Sell” is marked by a purchase and sale agreement. “Stay” is governed by a residential lease.

During the Sell and Stay process, who handles the paperwork?

We have lawyers who draft our agreements, and then we send it off to you to review. Just like any home purchase or transaction, we highly recommend that you have your own attorney review them too.

Lease Terms

How much rent will I pay?

Each home is different, so each rental agreement, including the cost, will be unique. Overall, our rent is based on the market rent (the standard rent of homes like yours in your region).

What is the lease term length?

Like most lease terms, ours is 12 months long, and can be renewed for up to five years. Don’t fret, we’re here to provide flexibility, so you can decide to repurchase your home or move at any point during the lease.

What if I default on my rent payments?

We don't want to see anyone forced out of their home. Before we move forward with an agreement with someone we try to make sure that the rent is affordable and can reasonably be paid every month. If however, someone stops paying rent we’ll provide notice, and options to fix it. If we can't come to a solution, we may evict. If evicted, you'll still receive the remainder of your equity after we’ve recouped the unpaid rent amounts, any of the selling costs, and any legal fees associated with the eviction. In the case of eviction, we'll sell the home using an auction-sale process.

Who gets the value if my home appreciates during the lease term?

If the value of your home goes up by the time you decide to move, the option language in your agreement ensures that you'll receive the appreciation after EasyKnock fees.

Who handles the home maintenance?

You'll be responsible for basic maintenance like lawn care, snow removal, and appliance repairs.

Who pays the property taxes?

Since EasyKnock will now own the house, the taxes are now our responsibility. A perk you can quite literally count on!

Do I need renter's insurance?

We always encourage tenants to have renter's insurance. You never know what nature has in store, so it's great to have a policy on your side just in case.

The Option

What if I decide I want to move?

The Option Agreement lets you authorize the sale of the house at any time. You can control the timing, asking price, and even the listing agent (if you want to).

How do I repurchase my home?

Our lease has an "option agreement" that lets you buy back your home anytime. You are responsible for obtaining financing.

If I decide to repurchase the house, who handles inspections, appraisals and financing options?

We're happy to refer you to partners we work with, but you can also reach out to people you know or that an attorney recommends for you.