EasyKnock for Servicers

Offer a new alternative to help at risk clients.

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Offer Sale-Leaseback Solutions To Your Client

During uncertain times, homeowners can start to slip into late-payment, non-payment, or request forbearance.  As credit restrictions in lending continue to tighten, home-owners are finding them stuck in situations that negatively affect both them and the servicers that rely on their payments.

Partnering with EasyKnock allows servicers to offer a sale-leaseback solution that can salvage a homeowner’s situation and possibly even prevent foreclosure or short-sale.

Our flag-ship programs Sell & Stay, ReLease, and MoveAbility were designed to offer both short and long-term solutions that convert equity to cash and clear the mortgage lien.

How EasyKnock Helps Servicers

  • Risk Mitigation

    With our sale-leaseback solutions, your firm can attempt to clear the debt that has become far too risky by your own standards. In uncertain times, secure the best portions of your portfolio while offloading less than ideal areas. EasyKnock is not a lender and has few restrictions with credit, income, or job status.

  • A Forbearance Exit Path

    Forbearance is often the last resort for most homeowners and the chance they can reverse their current situation can be slim. With EasyKnock you can offer an exit option to these distressed homeowners. EasyKnock can offer up to 100% of the home value to your clients while allowing them to remain in their homes. For distressed clients, this will almost certainly be a better outcome if there is no exit-path.

  • Avoid Costly Foreclosures and Short-Sales, Earn A Referral Fee

    Foreclosure and short-sales are costly to both the client and you, and both parties will suffer from the process. An unpredictable housing market brings the added risk of taking a loss with the property. EasyKnock’s solutions have a far higher risk-tolerance and can close in under three weeks to avoid the process entirely. Not only, will you avoid unnecessary costs and the time-sink of foreclosure, but you will earn a referral fee on any closed deals.

"EasyKnock was pivotal for my clients. This company allowed my clients to remain in their home enabling them to pay off debt in order to eventually buy their dream home! The communication and timeliness was great. They were personable and seemed to actually care."


Holly Ming - Mid South Realty

Little Rock, AR