Equity Release for Business Owners

Obtaining traditional financing can be challenging for small business owners, independent contractors, freelancers and other non-W2 earners. There are very few options that do not require W2 documentation, and the ones that do have extremely high APRs (annual percentage rates). EasyKnock is disrupting this by looking beyond your type of income to help you tap your home equity affordably and transparently.

Hassle-Free Approval
Products W2 Required APR or Annual Rent %
EasyKnock   Not Required Market Rent
Payday Loan   Not Required 400% APR
Cash Advance   Required 26.12% APR
Credit Card   Required 16.74% APR
HELOC   Required 10.02% APR
Personal Loan 1 Yr   Required 12.67% - 20.13% APR
Personal Loan 2 Yr   Required 12.71% - 20.20% APR
Personal Loan 3 Yr   Required 12.73% - 20.22% APR
Home Equity Loan   Required 9.85% APR