Bridge Solutions for Agents

Get your clients the time and money they need to find and fund their next home.

Bridge Solutions for Agents
Bridge Solutions for Agents

A Better Bridge Solution

Homeowners now have a fast and simple way to get the cash they need to purchase their next house before their current one is even listed on the market. Your client sells their house to EasyKnock and leases it back until they’re ready to move. The referring agent is guaranteed a listing at the full market commission. No more contingent offers falling through. Just more deals closed.

How does it work?

  1. Initial Offer

    Agents refer their clients to EasyKnock, who creates an offer to purchase the house, providing up to 75% of the client’s home value, without the rush and hassle of moving quickly.

  2. Closing

    EasyKnock and the client sign purchase-sale and lease agreements. The client receives the money from the closing while the agent secures an instant 1% commission and a 6-month exclusive listing.

  3. Home Listing

    The client stays in their home as a renter and works with the agent to sell it on the market. Once the house is sold, the agent receives the remaining commission and the client moves out, receiving any appreciation.