MoveAbility for Lenders

Introducing MoveAbility for Lenders

Homeowners now have a fast and simple way to get the cash they need to purchase their next house before their current house is even listed on the market. EasyKnock buys the client’s house and leases it back to them until they’re ready to move. With the mortgage lien cleared, pre-approvals are a cinch. Referring lenders and loan officers receive a 2% commission on every closed deal.

How EasyKnock Builds Your Business

  • Offer A Seamless Bridge Solution

    With our short-term bridge solution MoveAbility, you can be the only lender who can remove home-sale contingencies, and get your clients 75% of their home’s market value initially upfront to use for a larger down payment. In low inventory markets where there are multiple offers, your partnership with EasyKnock can make all the difference in getting your clients their dream home.

  • Flip a Client on the Edge of Pre-Approval

    Have potential clients who can’t qualify for their next home? Maybe their DTI is slightly too high or their credit is slightly off due to debt. Even worse, a client may not be able to carry two mortgages with their current income. Offer your clients MoveAbility. MoveAbility buys your client’s home, clearing the mortgage, and providing up to 75% of equity upfront. DTI or mortgage liens are no longer an issue. The converted equity can be used to clear debt and rapidly repair their credit score. Help move them off the edge of pre-approval and firmly into their new homes.

  • Become a Builder’s or Contractor’s Best Friend

    Is your client on the fence over new construction or purchasing a fixer-upper? EasyKnock lets your client convert equity into cash for renovations or construction while staying in their home. Win listings while bringing builders and contractors business. Establish your brokerage as the only firm that can offer a simple and flexible solution to construction.

How it Works

  • Agents refer their clients to EasyKnock, who works with the client to create an offer that provides the client up to 80% of their home value, without the rush and hassle of moving quickly.

  • EasyKnock and the client sign purchase-sale and lease agreements. The client receives the money from the closing while the lender secures a 2% commission.

  • The client stays in their home and works with the agent to sell it on the market. Once the house is sold, the agent receives the remaining commission and the client moves out, receiving any remaining home value.