The Better Way to Move
MoveAbility lets you access your home’s equity before it even hits the market. Get the money and time that you need to find (and fund) your forever home, without losing out on your current home’s market value.

Your EQUITY in 13 days

Sell your home to us and stay put as a renter. No disruptive moving until you're ready.


Now you have the money and time to find the perfect next home or adventure. 



List your home at your leisure.  Accept the offer you want and move out when you want.

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Fill out our form to see if your home qualifies. We will assess the value of your home and check your mortgage status.

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We’ll craft a custom contract based on your goals. No red tape or hidden fees, we can close in 13 days, and you get your cash!

Get Cash. Gain Time.

Now stay comfortably at home paying rent and start planning for your move on your timeline.

Move To Your New Home

When you're ready to sell your home on the market, and capture your remaining equity simply let us know! We'll initiate the process with the realtor of your choice. If you want the option to repurchase your home, we encourage you to look at our Sell and Stay program.

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Who is MoveAbility for?

MoveAbility is for people who plan on buying their next home and want to avoid the unpredictability and headaches associated with selling and buying at the same time. The program is currently available to people selling single family homes, condos and apartments.

Why should I use MoveAbility?

With MoveAbility you are buying yourself time to find your next dream home. By selling your current home to us and staying in it as a renter, you can keep looking until you find exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, you will receive money that can go towards your next downpayment. Your chances of buying your next home without hiccups will increase if you can avoid submitting contingent offers.

Why shouldn’t I just use a bridge loan?

If you can get one and you are satisfied with the terms of the loan, you should. For people who are unable to get a bridge loan, or whose finances would be strained by servicing both a mortgage and a bridge loan, we believe MoveAbility provides a great option.

What is the lease term length?

The maximum lease term is 18 months. Within that time frame it’s fully flexible and our team of Flexity experts will work with you to customize it to your needs.

How much does MoveAbility cost?

When we buy your home, our transaction fees will be 1.5% of the home value. We aim for the rent to be approximately 10% of the home value on an annualized basis (monthly rent = 10% of home value, divided by 12). The actual rent can, however, vary depending on your individual circumstances and personalized contract. We charge no additional fees for the first 6 months of your lease with us. If you wish to extend your lease beyond the initial 6 months, you will incur an additional fee of 1% of the home value in order to continue leasing during months 6-12. Your rent remains the same. If you wish to extend your lease beyond the 12 months, you will incur an additional fee of 1% of the home value in order to continue leasing during months 12-18. Your rent remains the same. At the end of month 18, the home will need to be sold.

Do I get an option to buy back my home as part of the MoveAbility program?

No. If you would like to re-purchase your home after the transaction, we’d encourage you to take a look at our Sell and Stay program.

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