Simple, Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on transparency and collaboration as we work with homeowners to craft just the right solution. It's your home, your equity, and your future, so it's imperative that we keep the power in your hands throughout.

No Surprises


EasyKnock Fee

  • No hidden fees
  • Qualify in minutes
  • Personalized process


EasyKnock Fee
It's simple, our fee is 2%. 


Closing Costs
As any purchase-sale agreement, there are the traditional closing costs.



Rent is based off of comparable homes in your area. It is flexible, depending on the amount you'd like to cash out. 

Decide Later


When you're ready, buy your home back for the price we agreed to upfront, no surprises.



We put your home on the market, you can pick the realtor, list price etc. Once sold, you receive the remainder of your equity.


What is the “Option”?

The Option is the section of your contract that allows you to repurchase your home, or move at any time. We don't get special perks whether you decide to repurchase or move. It's as simple as home equity can get.

How do you determine the repurchase price?

If you repurchase within the first year of your agreement, the repurchase price is the amount we funded you, plus 5%. Each subsequent year the price increases by 2.5%. 

What is the lease term length?

Our lease term is one year, and renewable for up to five years. Rent increases annually by the greater of 2.5% or the CPI.

Who pays property taxes, insurance and HOA?

We do! We pick up the tab on property taxes, homeowners insurance and HOA fees where applicable. We do recommend that you purchase renters insurance.

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