Giving You and Your Clients A Second Chance

Sell and Stay is our new solution for homeowners who don't fit the traditional lending parameters, but want to access their equity without moving. 

Why EasyKnock?

Roughly 23% of homeowners who try to tap their home equity cannot secure traditional financing. We created Sell and Stay to provide business owners, people with less than perfect credit, non-W2 earners, and those looking for more flexibility, with an option. 

How It Works For Customers
Once you complete our form, you will be notified if your home qualifies. A team member will reach out to discuss the next steps.
We agree on a funding amount, rental price, repurchase price, and initial lease term.
We execute the sale and lease agreements. We can close in less than 2 weeks.
Buy back your home for a price agreed to upfront.
We put your house on the market. You receive your remaining equity.

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How It Works For Our Partners

EasyKnock’s tailored, partner focused approach for referrals is seamlessly integrated via web, email and phone.
We work with your clients to customize their offer so they can achieve financial freedom they deserve.
When your clients receive their money, so do you - what better way to share in the success!

We buy your client’s home and they get the cash they need.
They remain in the home as a renter and can repurchase or move anytime.
You receive a referral fee and a happy client!

Let’s Connect

Want to learn more about what partnering with EasyKnock could mean for you and you clients? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!
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