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EasyKnock A-Z

Annual Inflation Premium

Greater of 2.5% or CPI annual increase of funding amount

Equity Release

Generating liquidity from your equity, while also retaining the right to use the asset.
Ex: “Sell and Stay” pays homeowners a lump sum of cash and mortgage payments, but still gives them the right to rent, repurchase, and sell their homes as stated in.

Flexity - [fleks-it-y]

The ability to gain time and access money by tapping a portion of your home equity

Funding Amount

EasyKnock’s initial payment (includes paying off mortgage balance).

Loan To Value (LTV)

A financial ratio expressing the proportion of borrowed money to the value of the purchased asset
Ex: If a home with a $200,000 market value has a $50,000 mortgage balance, the LTV ratio is 25%.

Mortgage Balance

The full amount owed by a homeowner at a period of time, including remaining principal owed, accrued interest (also referred to as the outstanding principal balance or OPB)


In finance, an option is effectively a contract allowing an entity the right to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price on a specific date. The entity, however, is under no obligation to exercise the option.
Ex: In a “Sell and Stay” agreement, homeowners are given a “Lease Termination Option” giving them the right to rent, repurchase, or sell their home.

Repurchase Price

Funding amount + inflation premium

Sale Leaseback

An arrangement involving the sale of an asset, wherein the seller leases the asset from the purchaser after the sale is complete
Ex: In a “Sell and Stay” agreement, the homeowner is the seller, and EasyKnock is the purchaser.

Sellout Value

Successor purchase price – repurchase price – closing costs (remainder of equity after fees).