A Solution for Today’s Trapped Equity Crisis

At EasyKnock, we’ve built innovative financial solutions that cater to the realities of the modern homeowner. Unlike a lender, we’re not held back by credit score and debt-to-income requirements. We can help a greater range of homeowners reach their goals.

A Solution for Today’s Trapped Equity Crisis

It’s Your Equity

The equity in your home should be accessible to you, giving you the means to seize an opportunity, overcome a challenge, or take charge of your future.

Unfortunately, debt is a reality for millions of Americans. A complicated financial history prevents access to their equity, leaving Americans stuck sitting on billions in property value — with few financial tools to use it and live a better life.

In today’s economy

$27 trillion

Rising home equity

$27 trillion

across 142 million homes1, 2


The average homeowner has


in trapped home equity3

only 78%

Due to lending restrictions

only 78%

of Americans can qualify for a conventional mortgage4

What is a sale-leaseback?

We’re glad you asked! A sale-leaseback is exactly what it sounds like; sell your property,  instead of having to move out, you stay as a renter.

How it Works

  • 01

    Sell your house to EasyKnock at its appraised value and stay in the home as a renter.

  • 02

    Convert your home equity into cash that you can use to reach your goals.

  • 03

    Depending on your program, when you’re ready, repurchase the home or direct us to sell.

How EasyKnock Compares

When deciding how to work towards your financial goals, there are a lot of methods available to you. EasyKnock provides an inclusive, flexible solution.




Debt-to-Income Requirements


Cash Funding

Up to 80%

of the home value in the form a loan, paid back with interest


of the home value in the form of cash + Option

Expenses Covered
Property Taxes
HOA Fees
Repairs & Maintenance.**
Income Verification Requirements

* Lender requirements may vary

** Tenants are responsible for regular maintenance, cosmetic repairs, and cleaning of the property and its common areas.

*** Taxes, HOA, and insurance may be escrowed.

Today's Landscape

As the Federal Reserve combats inflation by raising rates, and lenders remain conservative on new products, homeowners are getting priced and rejected from mortgage loans.

  • A Focus On Homeowners

    We provide actual solutions to homeowners without requirements around credit scores or debt-to-income.

  • Real-Estate Disruptor

    Lenders’ solutions exclude a growing number of homeowners. EasyKnock has an innovative alternative.

  • EasyKnock Is Flexible

    Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, EasyKnock’s programs give you the flexibility to stay in your home and achieve your goals.

How+We+Are+Different Today’s+Landscape
  • What Customers Are Saying

    “I owned my home free and clear. I needed to access equity but could not get a HELOC, as the result of a disputed account. I was skeptical of EasyKnock. EasyKnock came though, and I have been very happy with the experience.”

    Eugene G.

    EasyKnock Customer

  • What Customers Are Saying

    “I am a person with not so great credit and that made it particularly difficult to get a home equity loan, or any loan for that fact. EasyKnock gave me a chance. I would 100% recommend it to anyone, it has literally changed my life!”

    Jessalyn W.

    EasyKnock Customer

  • What Customers Are Saying

    “I wasn’t able to get a home equity loan and was not quite ready to sell and move. With EasyKnock, I was able to access funds from my home to pay off some debt, not have to move immediately, and still be able to purchase a new home soon. Thank you for making the process seamless and for such great communication throughout!”

    Breanna F.

    EasyKnock Customer

Ready to make your home equity work for you?

Click below to see if you qualify and EasyKnock will get in touch.

How+We+Are+Different Ready+to+make+your+home
  1. *

    Lender requirements may vary

  2. **

    Tenants are responsible for regular maintenance, cosmetic repairs, and cleaning of the property and its common areas.

  3. 1

  4. 2

  5. 3

  6. 4

  7. -

    These materials are promotional in nature and are not offered as advice and should not be relied on as such. EasyKnock, Inc. as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively “EasyKnock”) are not lenders and do not provide loans. The transactions described in these promotional materials are sale-leasebacks and involve the sale of the property to EasyKnock and subsequent lease of the property from EasyKnock. Some transactions may include an Option Agreement. The ability to repurchase a property via the Option Agreement depends on the specific product and product offerings vary by state.