Sell & Stay for Agents

Provide your clients the cash they need now, with the flexibility to stay in their home and repurchase later.

Offer Sale-Leaseback Solutions To Your Client

With our sale-leaseback program - Sell & Stay, we buy your client’s house, and get the money they need while staying in their home. They can lease their home for as long as they’d like, with the option to buy back the house or move at any point.

Why Partner with EasyKnock?

  • Instant Referral Fee on Close

    EasyKnock partners earn an instant 2% referral fee when EasyKnock purchases the home and closes on the sale-leaseback.

  • Full Commission Listings

    All of EasyKnock’s programs offer a guaranteed 6-month exclusive at the full market commission when your client decides to move.

  • First Access To EasyKnock Leads In Your Area

    EasyKnock is engaging with clients who are looking to move through Movability but do not have an agent. EasyKnock Partner’s exclusively gain first access to leads in their area when we recommend an agent.

How it Works

  • Agents refer their clients to EasyKnock, who will work with the client to create an offer that provides the client up to 70% of their home value while giving them the option to move or repurchase later.

  • EasyKnock and the client sign purchase-sale and lease agreements. The client receives the money from the closing while the agent secures an instant 2% referral fee. The client can choose to repurchase the home at the agreed-upon price or move at any point.

  • If your client chooses to move instead of repurchase, the referring agent receives a 6-month exclusive listing and will receive a full-market commission from the sale of the home.

“Our client Cynthia was extremely pleased. I was too. I had never heard of this type of program before and once I learned about it, EasyKnock was a pleasure to work with.”


Ray Santini- RE/MAX Realty

Cape Coral, FL