Sale-Leaseback Solutions For Lenders

Provide your clients the cash they need now, with the flexibility to stay in their home and repurchase later.

Sale-Leaseback Solutions For Lenders
Sale-Leaseback Solutions For Lenders

Offer A Sale-Leaseback Option To Your Clients

Even with so many potential clients needing to use their home equity, lending restrictions have only gotten tighter. Modern homeowners need new ways to convert their equity to cash. Loan officers and lenders can now partner with EasyKnock to earn commission on a whole new client-base and provide more options than ever with their innovative sale-leaseback solutions.

How does it works?

  1. Initial Offer

    Agents refer their clients to EasyKnock, who works with the client to create an offer that provides the client up to 100% of their home value, without having to leave their home.

  2. Closing

    EasyKnock and the client sign purchase-sale and lease agreements. The client receives the money from the closing while the lender secures a 2% commission.

  3. Next Steps

    The client stays in their home as long as they wish, until they want to move. If your client used Sell & Stay, they can also repurchase their home for the agreed-upon value.