Sell & Stay/ReLease for Agents

Provide your clients the cash they need now, with the flexibility to stay in their home and repurchase later.

Offer Sale-Leaseback Solutions To Your Client

Even with so many potential clients needing to use their home equity, lenders continue to get stricter with their conditions. Whether this is preventing them from clearing debt, being pre-approved for a new home, or stopping long term renovations to get their home ready to list, modern homeowners need new options.

Real estate agents can now partner with EasyKnock to earn commission on a whole new client base while providing homeowners an option to reach their longer-term goals. Sell & Stay and ReLease are sale-leaseback solutions where EasyKnock buys the client’s house and leases it back to them until they’re ready to move.

The Difference Between Sell & Stay and ReLease

Sell & Stay

With Sell & Stay, the client gets up to 75% of their home value upfront and retains the option to either repurchase or move and list the home, getting the remaining equity and any appreciation earned. The minimum lease-term for Sell & Stay is one year.

Referring agents receive a 2% commission and a guaranteed listing contract (at market commission) if their clients decide to move and list the home on the open market.


ReLease allows clients to receive up to 100% of their home-value while continuing to remain in their home as a renter indefinitely. Unlike Sell & Stay, the client does not have an option to repurchase or receive appreciation during the rental term. The minimum lease-term for ReLease is 24 months. 

Referring agents receive a 2% commission and are positioned to be the listing agent when their client eventually decides to move and list on the open market.

How EasyKnock Builds Your Business

  • Help Clients Fund Longer-Term Renovations 

    Does your client want to list a home in need of major renovations while struggling to access traditional lender options? Sell & Stay can be used to fund long-term renovations without lender restrictions, and both you and your client benefit from the appreciation. Avoid a listing that will never sell, guarantee the listing, and earn an extra 2% commission on the deal by referring them to EasyKnock.

  • Convert A Client On The Edge Of Pre-Approval

    Have potential clients who don’t qualify for their next home? Maybe their DTI is slightly too high or their credit is poor due to debt. Even worse, a client may not be able to carry two mortgages with their current income. For a solution longer than MoveAbility’s 12-month maximum lease, offer Sell & Stay or ReLease. There’s no time limit and agents earn an extra 2% on the transaction. EasyKnock buys your client’s home, clearing the mortgage, and providing up to 100% of the home value upfront. They can clear their remaining debts and improve their credit score. When they are ready to get pre-approved, DTI, or mortgage liens are no longer an issue. Earn additional commission and help move clients into their future home.

  • Become A Builder’s Or Contractor’s Best Friend

    Is your client on the fence about new construction or purchasing a fixer-upper? Win business by providing a solution that removes those worries. EasyKnock lets your client convert equity into cash for renovations or construction while staying in their current home. Win listings while bringing builders and contractors business. Establish your brokerage as the only firm that can offer a simple and flexible solution to construction.