Buy Time. Regain Flexibility.

Unfortunately EasyKnock doesn’t have a product that’ll eliminate the hurdles of life, but we can help you overcome them. Sell and Stay® can help you buy some time and regain flexibility. By leveraging our Sell and Stay® program you’ll be able to tap your equity and remain in your home as a tenant, no realtor fees, no moving, no storage units. We call it Flexity.

No Realtor Fees, No Moving, No Storage Units

The below chart compares Sell and Stay® to alternatives.
The amounts are based on the median home value of $216,700, and for illustrative purposes

Time to Close 21 Days or Less 90 Days or More 90 Days or More
EasyKnock Fees & Closing Costs $7,585 $3,250 $3,250
Realtor’s Fee $0 $10,835 $10,835
Moving Costs $0 $3,300 $3,300
Security Deposit $0 $1,750 $0
Down Payment $7,585 $19,135 $36,635

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#FlexLife Success Stories
Harold is looking to retire in the very near future, sell his home, and find a new place in the South, but he’d like to take time to find the perfect retirement home.
Claire and her husband parted ways amicably. She wants to move to Tampa and would like to have some cash liquid for a down payment.
Peggy broke her tibia a few months ago, thankfully she made a full recovery. Her medical bills have piled up and she'd like to tap her equity to pay them off.
South Carolina
John wants to build a new house and needs to sell his current home so he can qualify for a loan, but he doesn’t want to move all of his stuff twice.