Buy Time. Regain Flexibility.

Unfortunately EasyKnock doesn’t have a product that’ll eliminate the hurdles of life, but we can help you overcome them. Sell and Stay® can help you buy some time and regain flexibility. By leveraging our Sell and Stay® program you’ll be able to tap your equity and remain in your home as a tenant, no realtor fees, no moving, no storage units. We call it Flexity.

No Realtor Fees, No Moving, No Storage Units

The below chart compares Sell and Stay® to moving.
The amounts are based on the median home value of $216,700, and for illustrative purposes.

Time to Close 21 Days or Less 60 Days or More 60 Days or More
EasyKnock Fees & Closing Costs $7,585 $3,250 $3,250
Realtor’s Fee $0 $10,835 $10,835
Moving Costs $0 $3,300 $3,300
Security Deposit/Down Payment $0 $1,750 $17,500
Total  $7,585 $19,135 $34,885

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