Why Choose EasyKnock?

EasyKnock is committed to serving homeowners who have been overlooked for traditional lending options. When you sell us your home and stay as a renter, you can get the time and money you need.

Why Choose EasyKnock?
Why Choose EasyKnock?

We Help More Homeowners

We look beyond your current financial standing and work with you to help you get where you aim to be.

You're More Than a Number

We know our customers are more than their FICO score alone. We value more than a number when developing solutions.

Solutions Built For You

Finances come in all shapes and sizes. Our solutions help homeowners of all different financial backgrounds.

We Help Homeowners Just Like You

Pay Down Debts

Pay Down Debts

By selling your home to EasyKnock and leasing it back, you can use the cash you receive to pay off debt and build a stronger financial future.

  • We look at your entire credit profile, not just credit score or income type.
  • We remove the need for loans or moving.
  • Get the time and money to reach your financial goals.
Move to a New Home

Move to a New Home

When buying a house, costs add up fast. Convert your equity to cash for renovations or a down payment.

  • Focus on buying your next home without an existing mortgage.
  • Lease your current home while finding your dream home.
  • Use the cash however you want.
Other Goals

Other Goals

Whether funding a business, pay for school, or just needing to secure finances, we help homeowners reach their goals.

  • We look at your entire income situation, not just what shows up on your W2.
  • We are an alternative to loans.
  • Get the time and money to reach your goals without having to move.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeff S


"I appreciate all the help EasyKnock and their team have afforded me. They've shown a great deal of compassion."
Jessalyn W


"I have been denied several times by banks and other lenders, so EasyKnock is the answer to my prayers and sleepless nights!"
James H


"Thank you to EasyKnock for checking on me during a difficult time. It shows that the focus of your company is where it is supposed to be."

Unlock Your Cash

Sell your house, stay in your home and make your equity work for you & explore EasyKnock reviews today.