EasyKnock for Agents

Provide your clients the cash they need now, with the flexibility to move when they’re ready.

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Offer Sale-Leaseback Solutions To Your Client

Real Estate is a crowded industry and requires differentiating yourself from the rest. With rising uncertainty, clients are facing more financial hardships, increased bank rejections, and more hurdles than ever before. Agents need new and innovative solutions to overcome these issues and help clients reach their goals.

That’s where EasyKnock comes in. We’ve figured out an innovative new solution to empower agents and solve client’s pain points. EasyKnock is here to earn you more clients through our sale-leaseback solutions. 

Remove home-sale contingencies and provide funds for minor renovations or down payment with our short term bridge solution MoveAbility. EasyKnock could be the differentiator to win your next listing pitch. Alternatively, earn commission on a new segment of clients looking to reach their financial goals and by offering a long-term sale-leaseback solution with ReLease & Sell & Stay. EasyKnock can earn you a lifetime client. 

Learn more about our products, and how agents can take advantage of them:

  • Sell & Stay / ReLease

    A longer-term solution for clients who need cash from their home equity now, but want to rent their home for a longer-term period or repurchase later.

  • MoveAbility

    A flexible bridge leaseback solution for people who want to access their home equity now, but are planning to move within 12-months.

Why Partner with EasyKnock?

  • Instant Commission On Initial Close

    EasyKnock partners earn an instant commission when EasyKnock purchases the home and closes on the sale-leaseback.

  • Exclusive Full Commission Listings

    All of EasyKnock’s programs offer a guaranteed 6-month exclusive at the full market commission when your client decides to move. 

  • Offer Your Client Flexibility

    Whether your client wants to move in four months or four years, EasyKnock Partners can offer a solution that fits their timeline and grants them access to liquidity.

"EasyKnock was pivotal for my clients. This company allowed my clients to remain in their home enabling them to pay off debt in order to eventually buy their dream home! The communication and timeliness was great. They were personable and seemed to actually care."


Holly Ming - Mid South Realty

Little Rock, AR