EasyKnock for Real Estate Agents

We purchase your client's current home, while you help them buy their next one. Clients can stay as a renter until it's time to move, then you list the home on the market and earn a full commission.

neighborhood bridge solutions to turn home equity into cash
neighborhood bridge solutions to turn home equity into cash

A Better Bridge Solution

Remove contingencies and get your clients cash to prepare for bidding wars. Navigate a low inventory market seamlessly with EasyKnock's bridge solutions.

Remove Fixer-Upper Woes

With EasyKnock, your clients can convert their home equity to cash and fund home renovations prior to listing their home on the open market.

The Edge of Pre-Approval

EasyKnock clears the mortgage, and provides equity upfront, lowering DTI significantly and providing funds to pay off debt.

Solutions Built with Agents in Mind

Unlike iBuyers, EasyKnock solutions co-exist with the your deal process instead of trying to remove you or reduce your input and commission.
Jarred Kessler

"Agents are an integral part of the American home selling process. While instant offers and iBuyers have been cutting agents out of the picture, EasyKnock is putting the power back in their hands. Through our referral program, agents can finally stop losing clients/deals, and even provide an elevated experience for their clients."

- Jarred Kessler, CEO & Co-Founder of EasyKnock

An Overview of Our Solutions

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Short-Term Bridge Solutions

MoveAbility is a sale-leaseback designed for homeowners moving into a new home within 12-months. This program pays 100% of a home's appraised with 80% of the home’s value as cash funding, and the remaining amount as the MoveAbility Option. The option allows homeowners to direct us to sell the home at any point during the 12-month lease and receive the remaining value plus any appreciation if applicable.

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Long-Term Sale-Leaseback Solutions

For homeowners looking to sell their homes without having to move, EasyKnock offers a variety of sale-leaseback programs with leases that can be renewed indefinitely. Our solutions can provide between 100% of the home’s value upfront, and certain programs even provide the ability to repurchase the home or sell and retain any appreciation if applicable.

How MoveAbility Works

  1. 1. Initial Offer

    Agents refer their clients and real estate partners to EasyKnock. We create an estimate to purchase the house, which provides up to 80% of the home's value as cash funding. The remaining amount is provided as the MoveAbility Option, which is received when the home sells on the open market.

  2. 2. Closing

    EasyKnock and your client sign purchase-sale and lease agreements. The client receives the money from the closing while you receive a 6-month exclusive listing for when the client is ready to move and direct us to sell on the open market.

  3. 3. Listing the Home

    The client stays in their home as a renter. When ready, they work with you to sell it on the market. Once the house is sold, the agent receives the remaining commission and the client moves out, receiving the remaining value plus any appreciation.

Holly Ming

"EasyKnock was pivotal for my clients. This company allowed my clients to remain in their home enabling them to pay off debt in order to eventually buy their dream home! The communication and timeliness was great. They were personable and seemed to actually care."

Holly Ming - Mid South Realty

Little Rock, AR