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Unlike lenders, EasyKnock solutions are not limited by credit score or debt-to-income (DTI) qualifications. Our residential sale-leaseback programs can help you reach your unique financial goals by enabling you to convert your hard-earned home equity into cash. 

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A New Financial Solution for Homeowners

What is a sale-leaseback?

We’re glad you asked! A sale-leaseback is exactly what it sounds like; sell your property, but instead of having to move out, you stay as a renter. 

This concept is nothing new. While common in commercial real estate, EasyKnock brought it to residential real estate.

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The economy is changing, EasyKnock can help.

At EasyKnock, we’ve built innovative financial solutions that cater to the realities of the modern American homeowner.

We’re different because we’re not a lender; that means you have fewer restrictions.

In today’s economy


The average American between the age of 25-75 carries


of non-mortgage debt1


The average mortgage holder has


in trapped home equity2

57% of Americans

Due to financial limitations

57% of Americans

of U.S. adults are uncomfortable with their level of emergency savings.3

  • Erin’s Story

    “After selling the house to EasyKnock, it's just made things easier financially on us. It's lifted a burden off our shoulders to be able to move forward and plan our budget for the future as opposed to worrying about previous debt.”

    Erin, EasyKnock Customer

    Dayton, Ohio

  • Ronda's Story

    “I was going through some difficult times. I had a divorce and I no longer had two incomes. With EasyKnock, I converted my home equity into cash, and I was able to take care of some things for myself and keep my life as normal as possible.”

    Ronda, EasyKnock Customer

    Sugarland, Texas

  • The McElwains' Story

    “A family of four, two teenagers, we needed more room. With EasyKnock, we turned the full value of the home equity into the cash we needed in order to move. We sold our home and purchased our new home in just five weeks. It was amazing.”

    The McElwains, EasyKnock Customers

    Grey, Tennessee

Ready to make your home equity work for you?

See for yourself how EasyKnock’s sale-leaseback solutions help homeowners unlock their financial freedom.

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    EasyKnock program parameters and requirements are subject to change without notice based on market conditions. These materials are promotional in nature and are not offered as advice and should not be relied on as such. EasyKnock, Inc. as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively “EasyKnock”) are not lenders and do not provide loans. The transactions described in these promotional materials are sale-leasebacks and involve the sale of the property to EasyKnock and subsequent lease of the property from EasyKnock. Some transactions include an Option Agreement. The ability to repurchase a property via the Option Agreement depends on the specific product and product offerings vary by state. Terms and conditions apply. EasyKnock sale-leaseback products are not available in ID, MA, ND, VT, and select markets.