Grow Your Business with EasyKnock

Increase your revenue generation opportunities by partnering with EasyKnock. We help businesses reach more clients through our sale-leaseback programs, so you can close more deals.

Why Lenders and Mortgage Companies Partner with us


Monetize your hard-to-close deals and declined applications

Enhanced credibility

Provide a potential solution to prospects rather than leaving off with a rejection

Seamless referrals

We provide a seamless referral process and fee structure, whether it's one or hundreds of potential opportunities

"EasyKnock solved my client's problem. Instead of sell-move-rent-move again, Sell and Stay was a perfect fit for my client!"


Will M.

Denver, CO

How It Works

  • Connect

    Sign-up through our partner portal page, and we will connect you with a dedicated partnership manager familiar with your unique business.

  • Collaborate

    We’ll work together to create a customized experience for you, your business, and your clients based on our collective business objectives and goals. This could include something as simple as a referral agreement, or as comprehensive as a co-branded or white-labeled channel partnership.

  • Kick-off

    EasyKnock will regularly provide reporting and remain closely involved to ensure our partnership is a success.