Partner with EasyKnock

Partner with EasyKnock and add sale-leasebacks to your product offering. As real estate partners, we team up with professionals across the financial and real estate industry to solve the financial issues that modern homeowners face.

Partner with EasyKnock
Partner with EasyKnock

Build Revenue

Our partnerships are designed to help you extend your reach to more clients and build more revenue. Learn how partnering with EasyKnock can build your pipeline.

Solve Client Issues

Our products are designed to solve the issues your clients face. Whether it's real estate investments, transactions, retirement, or divorce, our solutions offer a new path.

Less Restrictive

EasyKnock, as a real estate partner, fills a gap for homeowners who need access to cash but had no way to convert their equity through lenders or traditional methods.

How Can EasyKnock Partner with You?

Real Estate Agents

  • Offer a seamless Bridge Solution
  • Get rid of home-sale contingencies entirely
  • Remove fixer-upper woes


  • Convert turn-downs into clients
  • Offer a Bridge Solution for purchase business
  • Get clients off the edge of pre-approval


  • Remove the need to sell and move during divorce
  • No lender restrictions to work through
  • A new alternative when clients need cash

Financial Planners

  • Help clients delay taking Social Security benefits
  • A new way to supplement retirement assets
  • Provide an option to pay for assisted living clients

How Our Real Estate Partnership Works

  1. 1. Initial Offer

    As your trusted business partner, we craft an estimate to purchase the client’s home, providing cash for your client's needs from the available equity in the home.

  2. 2. Closing

    EasyKnock and the client sign purchase-sale and lease agreements and the client receives the money from the closing.

  3. 3. Next Steps

    The client stays in the home as a renter while deciding on their next steps. Depending on their Option, they can choose to repurchase the house or move out and have EasyKnock list the house on the market.

Holly Ming

"EasyKnock was pivotal for my clients. This company allowed my clients to remain in their home enabling them to pay off debt in order to eventually buy their dream home! The communication and timeliness was great. They were personable and seemed to actually care."

Holly Ming - Mid South Realty

Little Rock, AR